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Research Departments

International Research Center for AI Ethics and Governance
Feb 21, 2022Author:
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The International Research Center on AI Ethics and Governance is a cross cultural and transdisciplinary Center. Through linking and bridging the World efforts, the Center is aimed at ensuring AI develops for humanity and ecology good. The Center is hosted at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with supports from scholars and organizations across different organizations and countries.


The characteristic contribution of the center will be complementary, cross cultural, social and technical investigation on AI Risks, Safety, Ethics, and Governance. Different countries and institutions will face not only similar, but also very diverse challenges in the process of AI development and applications in different society. We are very excited to see how the social and technological efforts from different locations can be shared and through interaction, be bridged together for a more global vision, and finally achieve the same goal for building AI for humanity and ecology good. The recent plan for concrete research of this center are listed but not limited to the following:


1. Linking, Synthesizing, and Analyzing Global Ethical Principles of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems.

2. Developing AI governance platforms that can help AI innovations to avoid potential technical and ethical risks.

3. Building technical models and applications for Ethical AI with low risk, high safety and commonly accepted morality.

The International Research Center on AI Ethics and Governance is actively engaging with other organizations to build bilateral and multilateral initiatives and networks to extend the collaborations worldwide. The China-UK Research Centre for AI Ethics and Governance, and the AI for SDGs Cooperation Network are some of the efforts. The center is very open and willing to build new collaborations for the benefit of human and ecology good, and for the future of sustainable symbiotic society.