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Precise Perception and Control Research Center
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Based on perception and control difficulty in national major task as breakthrough point, Precise Perception and Control Research Center aims to break through new theories and methods in precise measurement and collaborative awareness, precise modeling and control of complex system, design and drive of precision mechanism, improve the overall precise perception and efficient control capability for meeting constraints in extreme conditions and requirements of strict performance index and provide key equipment and solutions for core system and important components in national major missions.

Now the center has 5 professors, 4 associate professors, 4 senior engineers, 13 assistant research fellows, 1 technician, 18 doctoral students and 18 master students. Majors and specialties of the center member include: automatic control, precision machinery, computing, robot vision etc., which makes their respective advantages complementary to each other in their majors and research directions. At present, the center has already been developed into a multilevel complicated technological and innovative research and development base.

The center has conducted its research work mainly surrounded with precision micro assembly, intelligent equipment, robot vision, digital device etc. According to requirements of abnormal miniature parts assembly to solve technical difficulties in formation design of micro gripper assembly, kinematic design of macro/micro mechanism, active compliance assembly, nondestructive clamping of manipulator, the center has made great efforts to master core technology of micro assembly on the basis of coordinate operation of multiple manipulators and realize precise assembly of parts in different size under micro-nano precision. In view of precision machine design, intelligent control and precision inspection, through independent innovation and integrated innovation, the center has produced intelligent equipment and device of automated placement and high-precision detection of composite material that is in urgent need in China. In light of common problems in image processing, object segmentation, measurement and control, the center has developed key technologies in 3D environment reconstruction, target recognition and tracking, location and navigation and bionic comprehension and produced robot intelligent vision system with high real time and reliability. Considering the validate requirements of digital simulation in the process of design, construction and running of large-scale equipment/project, main technological research is carried out based on modeling and analysis of mechanism and data, intelligent optimization under multi-constrained conditions, dynamic 3D visualization of complicated scenes. Currently the center has formed digital assembly and digital operation system faced up to full life circle of large-scale equipment/project.

The center has undertaken many national research projects and assumed many research and development projects from enterprises, which have achieved a series of research fruits. Generally speaking, the center has been authorized for 14 China National Invention Patents, 2 Utility models and over 50 China National Invention Patents have been accepted.


Main Research Directions

Theories and Methods

Theory and method of intelligent measurement and bionic sensing

Theory and method of robot vision

Theory and method of multi robot self-learning coordination and control

Key Technologies

Precision mechanism design and driving technology

Precision location and micro assembly technology

Virtual assembly and digital simulation technology

Vision detection and location technology faced up to industrial automation

       Equipment and System

Intelligent Equipment of Composite Placing

High-precision vision detection device

Electromechanical integration equipment and system

Digital simulation and validation system