Research Departments

Research Departments

Digital Content Technology and Media Service Research Center
Nov 11, 2016Author:
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Depending on CASIA, Digital Content Technology and Media Service Research Center is focusing on high-end knowledge service on the basis of recognition and understanding of speech and video & audio and digital content key technology and service system oriented in digital education, integration of three networks, digital culture etc. In future, the center aims to develop as influential Digital Content Technology and Service Research Center in China.

The center has 74 full-time staffs, of which it has 2 professors, 12 associate professors, 14 assistant research fellows, 16 masters and doctors and 30 hired staff in engineering and technological project. It has been a multi-layer complex technical research team with young and middle backbone staff as core and with masters and doctors participating in.

Scientific research orientation of the center includes multilingual speech recognition, oral translation and service, intelligent processing of cross-media content, 3D interaction and VR etc. At the same time, the major research direction of “supercomputing brain system” of CASIA is also relied on the center. At present, the center has undertaken many national major projects, such as National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), NSFC General Program (Key Program, Major Research Plan), National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), National Key Technologies R&D Program of China, Major Science and Technology Engineering Project in News Press etc.

After many years of accumulation, the center is capable of addressing basic platform, data accumulation and technology ability facing gigantic contents of network with high level of research start point and outstanding technical innovation conditions. Many a research result has been realized large-scale application and technical transfer. The center now has been authorized for over 20 patents for invention, issued hundreds of papers in famous professional periodicals and international conference and hosted to compile National Standard of General Technical Specifications in Chinese Speech Recognition.