Jiang Tianzi Wins the Hermann von Helmholtz Award
Aug 02, 2021Author:
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On July 22, 2021, it was learned from the International Joint Conference of Neural Networks (IJCNN 2021) that Prof. Jiang Tianzi from the Institute of Automation, CAS (CASIA) won the Hermann von Helmholtz Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of neural networks.


The award was established by the International Society of Neural Networks (INNS) in 1996 to recognize people who have made long-term outstanding contributions to perception research in the field of neural networks. Only one scholar is selected from all over the world every year. The election of Jiang Tianzi shows the profound foundation of the neural network field of CASIA and the high recognition of international peers.


IJCNN is a biennial meeting of INNS. The conference was chaired by Prof. Jiang Tianzi and Prof. Yao Xin from Southern University of Science and Technology. Prof. Hou Zengguang was the Program Chair. Prof. Xu zongben, Prof. Karl Friston, Prof. Riitta Salmelin and Prof. Nikola Kasabov along with other three experts were invited to give keynote speaks. More than 2000 papers were submitted to IJCNN 2021. The meeting attracted over 1000 experts and scholars worldwide.


Jiang Tianzi, professor, Director of Research Center of Brainnetome, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Brainnetome, Foreign Academician of the European Academy of Sciences (MAE), IEEE Fellow, IAPR Fellow, AIMBE Fellow, winner of the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, chief scientist of national fundamental research project. He is currently the editorial board member of various international journals such as neural networks, IEEE Transactions on cognitive and developmental systems. He is mainly engaged in the research of multimodal cross-scale brain network mapping spectrum, brain computer fusion based on brain network spectrum, early prediction and accurate treatment of brain diseases.