CASIA Holds AI Forum in Paris
Nov 15, 2017Author:
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Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences held an AI Forum in Paris, France on November 6th. The Embassy of People’s Republic of China in France and the China-France Association of Information Science and Technology provided great support to the forum. Dozens of oversea Chinese researchers attended the event.

Group Photo

Minister Counselor Sun Yuming gave the opening speech at the forum. Sun Yuming welcomed all the attendees and expressed high expectation on possible collaboration between China and France on Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Liu Chenglin, Deputy President of CASIA, and Prof. Tao Jianhua, Deputy Director of National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, gave speeches on AI in China. They introduced development strategies, research and industry layout and policies for talents of China and the CAS. Their talks provided a lot of information about the development situation in China to researchers in France. The final part of the forum was a recruitment event of CASIA. Liu Chenglin and Tao Jianhua introduced research progress in AI and oversea recruitment plan of the institute and answered attendees’ questions.

Liu Chenglin Presents at the Forum

Tao Jianhua Presents at the Forum

The AI Forum was a kick off of CASIA’s oversea talents recruitment programme.

In July 2015, the State Council of PRC issued a New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan. China had become the first country who promotes the development of AIas a national strategy. As a national research institution, CASIA has become the leading force in the development of AI in China with stable support from the Chinese government for many years. Recently, data released by Ace Elsevier SCOPUS (abstracting and indexing database)shows that from 2011 to 2015, there were over 41,000 publications in AI from China, which ranked No. 1 worldwide. As the only independent institution in Chinese mainland with publications over 500, CASIA’s influential index was 2.26 and was No. 7 on the global ranking list.

CASIA is eager to recruit top talents in AI. To further promote the development of AI in China, CASIA has deployed new research divisions including brain-inspired cognition and general intelligence, Neural Chip, brain computer interface and fusion system, brain-inspired intelligent robotics, etc. The first AI school in the world has been built between CASIA and the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). In order to establish exchange and cooperation partnerships in various forms and promote development and innovation in AI, the institute provides opportunities for the national ‘One-Thousand Talents Programme’, ‘One-Hundred Talents Programme’ of the CAS and also its own talents programme with good supporting terms.