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CASIA Palmprint Image Database (or CASIA-Palmprint for short) contains 5,502 palmprint images captured from 312 subjects. For each subject, we collect palmprint images from both left and right palms. All palmprint images are 8 bit gray-level JPEG files by our self-developed palmprint recognition device (as shown in Fig.1a). We have also developed real-time palmprint recognition systems working on PDA and common PC (as shown in Fig.1b and Fig.1c).




In our device, there are no pegs to restrict postures and positions of palms. Subjects are required to put his palm into the device and lay it on a uniform-colored background. The device supplies an evenly distributed illumination and captures palmprint images using a CMOS camera fixed on the top of the device. Six typical palmprint images in the database are shown in Fig.2.