Iris Databases
Oct 26, 2016Author:
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CASIA Iris Image Database (CASIA-Iris) developed by our research group has been released to the international biometrics community and updated from CASIA-IrisV1 to CASIA-IrisV3 since 2002. More than 3,000 users from 70 countries or regions have downloaded CASIA-Iris and much excellent work on iris recognition has been done based on these iris image databases.

CASIA-IrisV4 is an extension of CASIA-IrisV3 and contains six subsets. The three subsets from CASIA-IrisV3 are CASIA-Iris-Interval, CASIA-Iris-Lamp, and CASIA-Iris-Twins respectively. The three new subsets are CASIA-Iris-Distance, CASIA-Iris-Thousand, and CASIA-Iris-Syn.
    CASIA-IrisV4 contains a total of 54,607 iris images from more than 1,800 genuine subjects and 1,000 virtual subjects. All iris images are 8 bit gray-level JPEG files, collected under near infrared illumination or synthesized. Some statistics and features of each subset are given in Table 1. The six data sets were collected or synthesized at different times and CASIA-Iris-Interval, CASIA-Iris-Lamp, CASIA-Iris-Distance, CASIA-Iris-Thousand may have a small inter-subset overlap in subjects.

CASIA Iris Image Database Version 4.0


CASIA Iris Image Database Version 3.0


CASIA Iris Image Database Version 2.0


CASIA Iris Image Database Version 1.0


CASIA Iris Image Database for Testing Version 1.0